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Telecon is so easy to use you shouldn't require any training

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Telecon is highly focused central Window Firewall management system.

Besides being able to manage all your Windows Firewalls, lock and secure individual Firewall policies and provide comprehensive security tracking, it does the same job as the Microsoft Firewall interface.

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Telecon is a console based Microsoft Firewall Policy manager. All Firewall Policies are made up of two independent Profiles.

Domain Profile - Applied to active directory and domain members.
Standard Profile - Applied to workgroup members.

Profiles can contain any number of Exceptions which can be switched on or off independently.

System defaults - File and Print sharing etc.
Ports - Your business rules
Programs - Your business rules

A Profile -and its' exceptions- can be deployed in three different states: Off, On, On[with no exceptions]. Whatever the state of the profile, Telecon can also apply a Lock to prevent it from changing.

On with No Exceptions

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