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Telecon can deploy a Firewall policy to your entire network in moments

Telecon is Fast

Telecon is highly focused central Window Firewall management system.

Besides being able to manage all your Windows Firewalls, lock and secure individual Firewall policies and provide comprehensive security tracking, it does the same job as the Microsoft Firewall interface.

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A good demonstration of the power and speed of Telecon is the Lock Off button. Lock off was designed specifically to address one of the biggest concerns since the introduction of XP Service Pack 2.

Many Network administrators want to remove the impact of Windows XP Firewall in spite needing to rollout SP2. The quickest way is simply to turn the Firewall off. The problem is how do you disable every Windows Firewall quickly, without missing any and at the same time guarantee the Firewalls will stay off.

The answer is, use Telecon to select some or all your client computers and press the Lock-Off button. By pressing this button against the selected computers you have guaranteed that all those firewalls are switched off and are protected by Telecon against user or application change.

To deploy new Firewall policies is just as quick and just as easy.

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